Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vital Steps To Take After You Have Done Your Engagement

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Are you hoping to get engaged this year? Are you one of those lucky to be newly engaged or you know someone who is? Then, this might just be that little piece of information that can give you an edge.
Quite a number of people started out new relationships, some renewed their love,and others went on to the next level by getting engaged. I’d say Congrats to the ladies wearing their rings; you may ask, now am engaged, what next?
Don't dive into the details just yet— it's very vital to address these key tasks to establish the scope of your wedding:

1. Set the date

Many couples take a year to plan their wedding It is never too early to begin plans.

2. What's your budget?

Determining your budget even before you begin scouting reception sites and speaking with vendors will set the framework for planning decisions. It's easy to overspend, and knowing your limitations upfront will help make you a savvier shopper. You need to prioritize, itemize and organize!

3. Who pays?

These days, arrangements where the bride's family pays for the bulk of the wedding are quite rare. In fact, many couples expect to pick up all or part of the wedding tab, with the bride's and groom's families contributing a certain amount toward expenses. Most importantly, both sides should chip in the amount with which they are comfortable.

4. Is a wedding planner/coordinator for you?

If you are planning a themed wedding or facing complicated circumstances (e.g., a huge guest list or the merging of cultures or languages), or if you are both super busy, hiring a planner helps. A planner will review contracts, create timelines, arrange seating and serve as a go-between you and your vendors—and duelling parents!

5. Pick your place/venue

Visit lots of venues before making a decision. Be sure of what you paying for before reaching a conclusion. Venues must have adequate facilities like power supply,rest room,chairs/tables e.t.c Having an idea about expected number of guests will also play a role in your decision.

6. Find your style
Now comes the fun part! Colours, themes, are things that will make your wedding unique and memorable.

7. What's your wedding style?

Start by looking through bridal magazines—home design, fashion and travel publications are bursting with style ideas. You may even be inspired by a movie or a piece of art. Use what you are drawn to and get creative.

8. Choose your colours

You'll want to select a colour palette for your wedding. To unify the celebration, you can incorporate the combination you select into almost every part of the planning, from your bridesmaid dresses and bouquets to the table runners, programs and favors.

9. Settle on a theme

Depending on the time of year in which you are tying the knot, consider playing up Mother Nature's natural decor—perhaps an autumnal-inspired affair in October or a winter wonderland celebration in December. If you love the beach, decorate your seaside nuptials with shells, starfish and nautical colors, or embrace your culture with decorative elements that speak to your heritage.

10. How formal will you be?

It is not always true that a casual wedding is easier to pull off: Sometimes it's more comfortable and simpler for everyone to follow the tried-and-true traditional wedding format. The level of formality can also dictate whether you have an afternoon or evening wedding—for example, a garden setting is often more suited to an affair by day than by night.
Don't forget to focus on the less tangible facets of your nuptials.

Compiled by: Bisi Mawuton Padonu,
CEO/Event Planner BusyBee Events!