Friday, February 21, 2014


 Congrats to all who got engaged on Vals Day, the next question is what next? 'Preparation for Marriage of course !!!
An Introduction between both families is the first stage in marriage. In Yorubaland it’s called “Momimo” where the groom is escorted by his family to the bride’s home to make his intentions known.

In Igboland,its known as Iku-Aka. The groom is required to make two visits to the bride to be’s family. The first visit, the groom will be accompanied by his father or any elderly relative to visit the father of the bride to be’s family and formerly introduce and state their intentions. Thereafter they will then agree on a latter time to  meet with other members of the bride to be’s family.
In the course of these introductions, a wedding date is fixed and that is where BusyBee Events! comes on board for the Wedding Planning &Management Services.
From the sourcing of venue to vendors to budgeting & contracting, follow–ups etc. We take the stress off you.
Do not forget premarital counselling classes is key for the Christians while advices from elders, Alfas/Imams are also given to muslim Couples.
We encourage couples to sit and discuss  on how they want their dream wedding to be interpreted; from the theme/concept, colour theme, roles & responsible and of  course budget  (this is the koko).
Alot is put into the wedding planning process. In my next post, we will be discussing how to go about 'Planning your Dream Wedding'.
Do have a wonderful weekend ahead, I remain Yours Truly,

  Bisi Sotunde (aka Mrs Sho!!!)
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